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I loved the knowledge both instructors had. It definitely broadened my view on Para medical  esthetics and helped me understand what  cosmetic doctors and surgeons are looking for. The knowledge I received from this course gives me an advantage for the medical field and made me more comfortable to be able to work in a medical setting."
​ - Melinda Yee, Esthetician

Dr. Greene & Michele Phelan, RA,  provide a comprehensive paramedical course & is a must for everyone in the Esthetics industry!  Clients today, more than ever, are investing in Botox & filler procedures.  Therefore, seeking professionals who are not only familiar & knowledgeable about those procedures,  but have the proper education & training to ENHANCE their investments. This course is an invaluable investment for you & your clients!"
- Kelly Seeliger, Esthetician

The depth and detail of the courses I completed at Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics far surpassed that of my previous educational experience in the field of skin care. It provided me with comprehensive training on the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, giving me the necessary qualifications to obtain a highly valued position with a prestigious skin care organization. I would recommend Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics to anybody seeking to further their education, enhance their value in the job market, or expand their skin care repertoire.
- Emily Turcios, Clinical Aesthetician, American Laser Centers

I am so happy I found Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. The classes for both the Clinical and Medical Esthetics certification programs are offered separately so they are easy to work around your personal and professional schedules. Michele's teaching style is not only fun and engaging, but her extensive knowledge and experience shine through every class. Even after receiving my certification, I am still calling her with questions! Thanks Michele and Concepts Institute for going beyond the basics and giving me the confidence I need in this fast changing industry.
- Francesca Buongiorno, LE

​Michele Phelan is a teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge pertaining to all aspects of skin care, machines, chemistry, anatomy and physiology. She is truly passionate about teaching and works very hard to make sure no one was left behind in the learning process. She has a gift for making difficult subjects easy to understand, while keeping the classroom environment light and fun. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
- Erin Clausen, L.A., CIDESCO Diplomat, Salon owner "Belle en Vie"

Michele Phelan was my CIDESCO teacher for 9 months and I would have to say because of her teaching methods I was able to not only learn but to also understand every subject she taught us. She is thorough and extremely knowledgeable in her field and she made learning fun and easy. I feel blessed to have had her as my teacher. My education was complete because of Michele. She prepared me for the job of being an esthetician above and beyond what I had imagined. Had I not taken her courses I feel I would not have been truly ready to enter the work force. Thanks for everything Michele!
- Aimee Quigley, CIDESCO Diplomat, Medical Assistant

I really enjoyed Maria Lorenzi's classes, especially in make up. She is humorous, thorough, very talented and truly a GREAT educator.
- Brenna Ramsay, Esthetician, CIDESCO diplomat

My two instructors, Michele Phelan and Maria Lorenzi made my learning experience fun and interesting. Michele always incorporated the newest and most advanced techniques and technologies and provided great insight into the business side of esthetics. Maria added an easy to learn edge and artistic flare to all she taught. Both educators are at the top of their profession and I feel incredibly fortune to have learned from the best.
- Ani Kevaranian, Esthetician, CIDESCO diplomat

Diana Lee is a wonderful esthetician and teacher. She gave me invaluable techniques of how to treat many different skin types which I have successfully implemented for my clients.
- Michelle Balsamo, LE

​I very much enjoyed Michele's classes as she was very clear with her explanations, included visuals and always made time to offer extra help. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her work as an educator and genuinely cares for her students. I learned so much from Michele.
- Sophia Pantazes, Esthetician/CIDESCO Diplomat