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Bradley A. Greene 

Part 2
Section 1: Anatomy of a Medical Chart
Section 2: Advanced Facial Anatomy
Section 3: Neuromodulators
Section 4: Soft Tissue Fillers
Section 5: Cosmetic Lasers
Section 6: Chemical Peels (exfoliation)
Section 7: Facial Aesthetic Surgery
Section 8: Pre / Post Care & Judgment
Section 9: Sanitation / Sterilization
Section 10: Non-medical considerations
Review & Think: Cases / Applications / Quiz
Summary & Conclusion

Para-Medical Esthetics Online Course

In this filmed on-line course, Michele Phelan, RA, LE, CIDESCO and Bradley A. Greene, MD, MBA FACS, teach you what you need to know to get started working in the medical esthetics arena. Below there is a list overview of each class section and what it includes.

This course contains self quizzes at the end of most sections, some homework that needs to be emailed into your educator, and a final test at the end, which will be emailed to you by your instructor once all requirements have been completed. Once the final test has been completed and you pass with a 75% pass mark or higher your certificate will be signed by Dr. Bradley, Greene and sent to you.

Downloading the power point is required as it coincides with the lectures (video) and you can take notes on it if you print it out. The power point that can be downloaded can be found after the welcome video. Otherwise you may want to use a split screen so that you can view and listen to the lectures while following the power point for the best results. Published articles written by the educator have been included after certain sections and should be downloaded  and read as they compliment the lectures. The lessons are meant to be viewed and studied  in chronological order but they can be re watched as necessary. There is a live demo of botox and fillers after the filler section and a live demo of botox and a discussion about an eye lift surgery after the facial plastic surgery section. Additionally there is a demo of skin extractions after the acne lecture and a demo on how to provide a mini eye lymphatic drainage after the lymphatic drainage lecture.

This course is self paced. There is not a time line on how quickly you can complete the course. It is approximately 10 hours of video time and an additional 2 hours given to home work and quizzes. In the power point section you will find requests for taking quizzes and turning in homework. Please following instructions and contact your educator with any questions. However, you have 30 days from the time you sign up for this course until all homework is due and the final test needs to be completed. 

When you have questions or comments you can contact your educator: Michele Phelan or educator assistant: Christine Collins at They will contact you asap, not to exceed 24 hours. 

Prior to beginning the course please email a copy of your professional license or verification letter from current esthetics school that you are attending to:

​No refunds once purchased.


Our Para-Medical Esthetics on-line course was exclusively created for estheticians, cosmetic nurses, and other professionals who can practice skin care within the scope of their license. Any professional who holds the following licenses is eligible to take the course:

  • Esthetician
  • Cosmetology (with at least 100 hours of skin care practice or 50 hours of skin care training)
  • Registered nurse
  • Medical doctor
  • PA
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Or: an individual who is enrolled in a state board approved esthetician or cosmetology school currently. 

Part 1
Section 1: What is Paramedical Esthetics
Section 2: Skin Science
Section 3: Fitzpatrick and Rubin’s Skin Typing
Section 4: Understanding Melanin
Section 5: Review: Bones of the Face
Section 6:Understanding Facial Muscles
Section 7: Basic Medical Terminology
Section 8: A Little About Wound Care
Section 9: Medical Esthetics and Working with a Physician
Section 10: MLD/Understanding the Lymphatic System
Section 11: Understanding Acne
Section 12: Understanding Acne Rosacea
Section 13: Other Skin Disorders
Section 14: Skin Cancer

Michele Phelan

Whether it is your goal to work in a plastic surgeon's office, medical-spa, or you would like more in-depth knowledge of this topic so that you can better educated and direct your clients, this course is for you!

 Para-medical Esthetics Course Overview