Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics

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About the Classes:
Certification will be received once all three classes have been completed and the final test passed.

Taking the classes in order is not a requirement but it is recommended by the educator for the best possible results. Seating is limited so please reserve your space early.

SPA Business 101
A Spa Business Class for Estheticians!

No matter which of the following you want to do, this class is for you!

  • own/operate your own spa
  • rent a treatment room and be your own boss
  • become an independent contractor
  • generate greater business/more income

Learn what it takes to become a successful spa business owner and know what separates those who succeed in business from those who don't!

Learn how to create strong and effective advertising campaigns.

Understand what it takes to become an effective manager, mentor, and leader.

Have a better comprehension of  money management, retail selling, and how to get the ball rolling.

Come and join us and bring all your business questions with you for the Q/A section.

Date: To be determined
Class Rate: $160

To register, please contact us at 415-295-7107.

About the Educator:
Maria Lorenzi, LC, CIDESCO, is an esthetician with more than 30 years of experience. She is a CIDESCO teacher, CIDESCO examiner, award winning make-up artist, the author of The theory of Color and Personology, and also a fine artist.

The Famous and incredibly effective " Hollywood Face lift Massage"

Come learn one of the newest waves in esthetics therapy

Date: Coming this winter
Length: 9:00-5;00- both days
Cost: $280

State Board Prep Class For Estheticians

Class Description: Practical Prep on all the new and standard parts of the state board test

Date:  At your convenience. This class is held as a private class, either for one person or a private group
Length: 10:30-1:30
Cost: $275 for one individual, $175 each, for more than one individual

Understand the integumentary system and the way that the collagen of the skin can remodel with the use of this modality. Learn how it can improve many skin conditions. Understand how to use it safely and effectively. One micro-roller is included in this class. This is a theory and hands-on class. This class is ideal for nurses and anyone who can perform this procedure within the scope of their license.
Date: Monday November 26th
From: 9:30-1:30
Cost: $150
Professional Eye Lash Extension Class
Learn from a master in the industry Kimberly Rierson of Lash Bling!
One of the hottest beauty services of our time. This eight hour beginners class will teach you what you need to know to be able offering this service to your clients with confidence and skill. Call us with any questions or if you would like to register.
​Date: Monday October 1st, 2018
Cost: $400/with kit $500

From: 9:00-6:00

Shelly Hancock

Learn about new innovative equipment that you can add to your spa treatments!

Date: Coming next Spring

From: 10:00-1:00


Don't See it Listed?
​If you are interested in learning about a topic that is not listed on our website, please contact us as our specialists can build you a curriculum that will best suit your individual educational needs. For information on training outside the Bay Area, please call to speak to our representative. We can be reached at 415-295-7107.

​For Business Consulting, student coaching, one-on-one training, or if you have a group of individuals who would like to take advantage of our in office group discount rate, please see more information on our Corporate Classes page or contact us.
The following advanced esthetics classes are beneficial for anyone who can practice skin within the scope of their license. Make -up classes can be taken by unlicensed individuals.

Esthetics & More

Class #1
In this class we will cover the theory and understanding of color, eye mapping, how to determine and use complimentary colors and how to use make-up brushes for the best possible effect.
Understanding the use of colors can make you a successful makeup artist.
Makeup can be from Avante Garde to Natural, based on a client's comfort.

  1. Colors of the color wheel (warm - cool).
  2. Ascertain color flecks and spots (in iris) and record.
  3. Ascertain size and distance of eyes.
  4. Determine brow shaping.
  5. Discuss the use of highlights (emphasize), shades (minimize), and accent colors (bring out and soften).
  6. Colors used for black and white photo.
  7. Customizing eye shadow colors (primary colors/black and white)


  • Students demonstrate and explain plan design.

Date: Private class, contact us to organize a time that works for you
Time: 7 hour class
Cost: $250 per person, 10% discount for 2+ people in a group
Note: You will need to bring a model to class

Class #3
Camouflage/Corrective Techniques
In this innovative class you will learn the art of corrective make up techniques. Learn how to effectively conceal skin flaws such as a portwine stain or correct unbalanced lips with corrective makeup, and much more...

Students learn simple to complex application of color techniques for corrective makeup, and how to assess and fulfill the client's makeup needs with step by step instructions, from consultation to proper choice of color and practical application necessary for effective application.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal makeup artist you will find new, innovative, creative ideas that can be applied to every individual that you work with.


  •  Prior to makeup application.


  • face cleansed
  • exfoliate
  • moisturize

Students demonstrate makeup application.

Date: Private class, contact us to organize a time that works for you
Time: 7 hour class
Cost: $250 per person, 10% discount for 2+ people in a group
Note: You will need to bring a model to class

Become a Makeup Artist
It is more than just knowing how to apply makeup!
Join us in this three tiered class and learn all that you need to know to become a skilled, creative and innovative professional make-up artist.

Class #2
This make-up class will take you through the basics of makeup application and beyond. You will learn the art of blending, how to determine your client's image, how to choose the correct colors, high lighting, and shading, and how to finish with a perfect, flawless application for different occasions.

The students will become familiar with highlighting and shadowing, skin tones, and their effect in selection foundation color, makeup image, and seasonal colors for the individual.


  1.     Varieties of different types of foundation:
    1.  sheer liquid
    2. cream
    3. powders
    4. semi-opaque
    5. opaque
  2.     Selective seasonal colors.
  3.     Perception of image style:
    1. classic
    2. romantic
    3. earthy
    4. glamour
  4.     Individual makeup color selection.
  5.     Placement of highlighting, shading, blending, and their effects.
  6.     Eyebrow shaping.


  • Students will demonstrate makeup and blending techniques.

Date: Private class, contact us to organize a time that works for you
Time: 7 hour class
Cost: $250 per person, 10% discount for 2+ people in a group
Note: You will need to bring a model to class