This esthetics program is designed exclusively for estheticians but is open to other medical personnel. This unique program will help prepare the esthetician to work in a medical setting by providing invaluable knowledge. 

​This class is offered online only.

At this time there is no license provided by the state for Clinical or Medical Esthetics for estheticians. However, Concepts Institute offers training and certificate through our institution in both of these areas. By attending one or both of the following courses you will gain knowledge and understanding of the topic of Clinical or Paramedical esthetics, thereby enabling to execute the treatments more confidently and effectively. This will also enable you to remain competitive in the job market and potentially command a greater salary. Note: Estheticians and all professionals must practice within the scope of what their state license allows. Your state board will dictate what you are and are not allowed to practice. The laws differ from state to state, it is your responsibility to know what you can and can't practice within your state license. Certification is a voluntary process and attests to the advanced training and knowledge that you have obtained but does not give you the right to practice.

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Our Clinical and Paramedical Esthetics programs are designed specifically for professional estheticians as well as any licensed professionals who are able to provide care for the skin within the scope of their practice.

This training and certification is for estheticians who wish to gain knowledge of advanced/clinical skin care treatments. The training will help you implement corrective skin care procedures that can be utilized in a skin care clinic or medical spa.

Esthetics Certificate Programs

Clinical Esthetics Program

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Paramedical Esthetics Program

The skin care industry has become increasingly progressive and competitive over the last decade. Staying current with the latest high tech treatments, modalities and procedures can be a challenge for the skin care professional. Furthermore, spas, skin care clinics and medi spas are always looking for the most knowledgeable and well trained professionals to work in their facilities.​

Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics