Our collection includes:

Massage Oil Rectifiers

Mood Enhancers

  • Aroma Awake
    Regenerate and restore mental clarity post facial treatment with the uplifting effects.
  • Aroma Sedate
    ​Soothe and calm an anxious or high strung client before a service begins with just a sprinkle.

Healing Tonics

  • Aroma Recover
    For the client with problematic skin use Aroma Recover as a toner or try it after an extraction on a cool compress or add it to our Natural White Clay Powder.
  • White Clay Powder
    Try adding any of our propitiatory blends to a small amount of our White Clay Powder to create a unique healing aromatherapy experience.

Body Massage Oil Boosters

  • Aroma Release
    ​Add to your body massage oil to relieve tight, sore muscles.

Serum Essentials is a powerful, proprietary, synergistic blend of essential oils that only mother nature herself can create and Serum Essentials blended to perfection.

Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics

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