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General Class Information
​A test is given to each student at the close of every class and a 70% passing grade is required in order to receive certificate. By attending 5 clinical esthetic classes and completing and passing the required tests you will earn your Clinical Esthetic Certification from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. The classes that qualify as Clinical Esthetics classes are indicated with an * next to the title under the Classes section on this website. The fee for the final exam ie: Clinical Esthetics exam is $25.

Class Size 
​The above classes are provided at our training facility. We prefer to keep our classes small so that every student departs with a thorough understanding of what they have learned, so that they can effectively implement their  knowledge for the benefit of their clients with confidence. For individual training or training provided at your spa please click here.

​Half of fee is required for all classes two weeks prior to the start of the class. The other half is due at the beginning of the class. Rates are subject to change.

Cancellation Policy/Repeat a class
​For a  full refund please call one week prior to the start of the class. Sorry, No refunds of deposit can be given for cancellation within three days and no refunds for no-shows. If you have taken a class and wish to have a refresher, the fee is half the original fee of the class.

Acceptable Method of Payment
Cash, visa/master card, money order, personal check. Please make checks payable to Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics.

Required Supplies
We provide all supplies necessary for each class. You will be given to take home a binder with lecture notes in it for each Clinical or Para-medical Esthetics class. Each binder will contain a copy of the power point for that class. Each class will contain a theory and hands-on or demo portion. In certain cases you may be required to bring your own model but this is rare as each student will normally be able to give a treatment and receive a treatment to one another during the hands-on classes.

We reserve the right to cancel any class. In this case a full refund will be returned and the class will be rescheduled.
Understanding the Integumentary System & Prescribing Appropriate Treatments*Objective: To provide in depth knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of this complex system. Learn how to correctly analyze the skin using both the Fitzpatrick and Rubins's classification, and recommend in salon treatment solutions as well as an at home program for clients. Without thorough knowledge of the skin one can not advise their clients on how to maintain the health of their skin appropriately. 

​​Length: 6.5 hours  Cost: $150

Understanding and Treatment of Hyperpigmentation *
Objective: To present the different causes of hyperpigmentation, the modalities and treatment protocol that can be used to help treat it, and the home care products that can help maintain the benefits of the treatments. This is a hands-on class.

​Length: 6.5 hours  Cost: $160

Understanding and Treating Acne *
Objective: To effectively train the skin care professional to recognize different degrees of acne and know when to treat the client and when to refer to a physician. You will also gain an understanding of the causes of acne and how to assist clients in the clinic by choosing and performing the correct treatment procedure and recommending appropriate home care. 

​​Length: 6.5 hours  Cost: $160

Treatments with Chemical Peels *
Objective: To provide the skin care professional with knowledge of glycolic, salicylic, lactic acid and the Jessner peel. Learn what the contra-indications and indications are, what benefit these peels provide, who is a candidate and how to administer them safely and effectively. This is a hands on class.

​​Length: 6.5 hours  Cost: $160

Rules of Color and Application of Corrective Make up Using Derma Color Cover Cream
Objective: To provide an understanding of the principals of color that enable us to comprehend why certain colors work and others do not in a particular situation. To choose colors/shadows to help minimize imperfections while emphasizing positive features.

Length: 8 hours  Cost: $175

Micro-current for the Face - A class on Anti-aging*
Objective: To help the skin care professional understand how to use the micro-current machine most effectively and safely.  This class will help you understand the correct application and properties of micro-current. Learn about facial muscle movements, the many ways that skin ages and how to “slow down the hands of time”. This is a hands-on class.

​Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

Lymphatic Drainage *
Objective: For the skin care professional to receive theory of the lymphatic system and practical training on lymphatic drainage of the face. This class will help you understand the functions, common disorders and how to improve the health of the client through lymphatic drainage. You will know the indications and contra indications. This is a great adjunct to facial treatments for clients after cosmetic surgery or who have non inflamed acne and edema. This is a hands -on class for manual lymphatic drainage.

Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

How To Use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) * 
Objective: To provide knowledge of the basic physics behind the LED (all colors/nanometers). You will learn how to use the lights during a skin care treatment or alone, how the lights can benefit different skin conditions eg: loss of collagen, hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea, as well as how to use them safely and professionally. This is a hands-on class.

Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

Diamond Microdermabrasion *
Objective: To provide an in depth understanding of Diamond Microdermabrasion procedures. This is the new preferred method by many clinics today. The skin care professional will learn how to operate the machine professionally for the best possible result and will be able to determine which skin types are candidates for the procedure and how to use the machine safely and sanitary. This is a hands on class.

​​Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

The Chemistry and Blending of Essential Oils
Objective: To provide in depth knowledge of the chemistry, history, and blending of essential oils. Learn about many of the essential oils that are used in skin care today that help heal the skin, body and psyche. Understand the pharmacology and pharmakinetics of these vital extracts. This is a hands-on class. Each participant will blend and take home the formulations that they have created.

Length: 9 hours   Cost: $250

Anti-cellulite Treatment *
Objective: To learn the causes of cellulite and how to reduce it through diet and exercise. Understand how the body utilizes the different macro-nutrients.  Understand the different body types and how they respond to cellulite treatment. This is a body wrap class utilizing machine massage techniques.

​​Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

Cosmetic Ingredient Knowledge*
​Objective: To educate the skin care professional on many of the most common ingredients used in skin care today. You will learn where the ingredients are derived from and how they are used in a product formulation as well as how they benefit the skin. This is a must for the skin therapist who wishes to have a profound understanding and to be able to use skin care products correctly, educate their clients with confidence and potentially increase their product sales.

​​Length: 6.5 hours   Cost: $160

Advanced Training for Galvanic, High Frequency and Utrasound Machines *
Objective: To effectively train the skin care professional on a profound level about these modalities. Learn about direct, alternating and ultrasound currents as well as desincrustation, iontophoresis and the phonophoresis process. Understand how these machines can be utilized during many different salon procedures. This is a hands on class. 
Length 6.5 hours Cost: $160

All classes are one day only, unless otherwise noted. By completing five or more Clinical Esthetics classes you are eligible for the Clinical Esthetics certificate, after taking and passing the required test. The qualifying classes are marked with an (*) below. Register for an individual Clinical Esthetics class at least 7 days prior to receive a 10% discount.

Participants practice the hands-on portion on one another. If you have contra-indications to a particular treatment, please let us know prior to scheduling.

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