​advanced high quality training that you can receive. Our programs are taught by some of the most respected and knowledgeable educators in the industry and are focused on enabling students to achieve success. Earn your Clinical or Para-Medical Esthetics certificate from Concepts Institute, or simply take courses to quickly enhance your practice! Our courses are open to any licensed estheticians, nurses and cosmetologists alike, as well as esthetician and cosmetology students who are currently enrolled in state board approved schools. Whether you are a spa owner, private practioner, nurse or work as an esthetician in a salon or medi-spa, we will arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel.

Medical Esthetics "Mini Lecture Series" with Dr. Romano click "clinical esthetics class list" for more information.

Our world class curriculum includes the following advanced classes:

Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics 

Acne: Understand its causes and learn how to implement effective treatment procedures.
Chemical peels: Profound knowledge of the chemistry and application of glycolic, lactic, salycilic acid and Jessner's. 
​Integumentary system: Study of the skin,  accurate skin analysis, and treatment procedures.
​Chemistry: Gain an understanding of the most commonly used ingredients in skin care formulations today, learn how to interpret skin care ingredient labels and how each ingredient plays a vital role in its formulation.
LED (light therapy): Gain valuable knowledge of the red and blue light emitting diode. Understand its function and receive hands on training.
​Diamond microdermabrasion: learn who is a good candidate for this type of procedure, the contra indications and correct hands on application.
High frequency, galvanic and ultrasonic machines: Understand the physics and application.
Study of the lymphatic system: Understand lymphatic drainage, its benefits, indications, contra indications and receive hands on training.
Hyperpigmentation: Understand the intrinsic and extrinsic causes.  Learn advanced clinical procedures with the use of ultrasound waves, red LED, and glycolic acid and be able to prescribe an effective home care regime.
Aromatherapy: Gain in-depth knowledge of the basic chemistry of essential oils and understanding of the properties of over twenty-five essential oils, how they effect the body as well as the brain, and how they are used in treatments. Includes blending techniques and hands on application.
Paramedical make up techniques: Learn color theory, how to contour as well as effectively conceal hyper and hypo pigmentation and port wine stains as well as other discolorations.
Micro-current for the Face: Understand how to use the micro-current machine most effectively and safely.  Understand the correct application and properties of micro-current. Learn about facial muscle movements, the many ways that skin ages and how to “slow down the hands of time”.
​Anti-cellulite Treatment: Learn the causes of cellulite and how to reduce it through diet and exercise. Understand how the body utilizes the different macro-nutrients.  Understand the different body types and how they respond to cellulite treatment.
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offers advanced esthetics hands-on  training and lectures on medical esthetic topics. It is our goal to  elevate the esthetics industry to a whole new level by raising the bar when it comes to education. We will provide you with the most

of Advanced Esthetics

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Concepts Institute

Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics